This is the web-page of the reading group dedicated to the study of Hrushovski-Kazhdan and Cluckers-Loeser motivic integration frameworks.


Date Speaker Subject
Feb 2 Dmitry HK: quantifier elimination, definitions of Grothendieck semirings, dimensions, the morphism L. descent to RV
Feb 16 Arthur HK: Well-definedness of L, special bijections.
Mar 2 Arthur HK: Special bijections, continuation. (first half of section 7)
Mar 9 Dmitry HK: RV-blowups, kernel of L. Orthogonality between residue field and \Gama. isomorphism between K_+ RV and K_+ RES \otimes K_+ \Gamma.
Apr 6 ?? HK: differentiation in VF and RV, integration with definable volume forms
Apr 13 Dmitry, Jorge HK: injectivity of morphism K_RES \otimes K_+ \Gamma \to K_+ \RV forms
CL: introduction
HK: Integration with an additive character.
CL: Denef-Pas cell decomposition, jacobian property, constructible functions (without exponential)
CL: Constructible exponential functions, push-forward for auxiliary variables
CL: Axioms of integration, integrals in relative dimension 1.
CL: General integrals, Fubini Integration with an additive character.